Bitrix24 Telephony

Call Anywhere

Use Bitrix24 to call to any mobile phone or land line, domestically or internationally. You don’t need any special IP-telephony equipment, you can call from your Bitrix24 portal anywhere where there’s a reliable internet connection.

You can call directly from the CRM and record the conversation. The Bitrix24 telephony feature provides a high-quality connection that is completely integrated into your most important business communication tool.

Super Easy, Super Cheap

  • Telephony is built into all Bitrix24 plans and editions
  • No additional software to install. No add-ons
  • Pricing lower than Skype and most other IP-telephony services
  • Less equipment to purchase – no need for IP telephones for your sales personnel, just regular headsets
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Works with all popular SIP phone models.

Business Phone System

  • Set phone hours
  • Greeting/On Hold/Voicemail recordings
  • Employee extensions
  • Call queues, transfer & forwarding
  • Black list
  • Simultaneous call to all available employees
  • Client call quality evaluation
  • Call source tracking for marketers (CRM)

Relay phone number

Specify any relay phone number for your customers to see when you call.

  • Enter relay phone number in telephony settings
  • Receive confirmation code
  • Add telephony credits, if necessary

You will see a detailed phone call log that shows the number of phone calls, duration, cost, time and status of each phone call.

Rent a number

You can rent local phone numbers in 43 different countries or toll free ones (1-866), create internal phone number extensions for your employees, and set up call queuing and call forwarding.

All incoming phone calls can be checked against existing CRM records and recorded, if necessary. Importantly, incoming phone calls are automatically forwarded to a manager who is responsible for a particular lead or client.

Keep your number

If you have office or cloud PBX, or can provide SIP-trunk, you can keep your current phone number and get access to all Bitrix24 telephony and CRM features by renting a SIP-connector. All incoming phone calls will be free and you’ll be paying for outbound calls at your current rates to your existing telephony provider. This option is available worldwide, including countries where VoxImplant telephony is not offered. Instructions for connecting your phone number to cloud and self-hosted Bitrix24 are provided. 60 minutes worth of free phone calls are provided for testing purposes when configuring SIP connector.

SIP phone and softphone support

You can connect SIP phones (also called VoIP phones or USB phones) and softphones to Bitrix24. All SIP phone models are supported. Softphone use is currently in the process of beta testing, approved vendors include Media-5, Zoiper and CSipSimple.

  • 100% free
  • SIP connector not required
  • Number rental not required
  • All Bitrix24 CRM and telephony features supported

Calling colleagues

You can connect easily and quickly with your coworkers when they are online or even offline. Web calls can be re-routed to mobile numbers of intranet users, and you can also make calls from the messenger interface, meaning that if you see were going to initiate a chat but see that the person is offline, contact by phone is just one click away – no need to search for phone numbers.

  • Go to the user’s profile or find them in the web messenger
  • Use the convenient calling buttons present in the profiles and the messenger
  • You can even record the call in the messenger’s history

If you are using web calling between intranet users, you can even share screens and use chat simultaneously.

Calling clients from the CRM

Call your clients and partners straight from the CRM and have the time and data of the call, or even a recording, automatically entered. The list view for Contacts, Companies and Leads contain a phone icon that lets you make call effortlessly. When you’re on the road yourself, use the mobile app and access the CRM to make calls, plan follow-ups, finalize Deal details, and even send invoices.

Record conversations with clients. Audio files get appended to CRM records and can be brought up for quality improvement or training purposes.

To make a call from the CRM, all you have to do is click the receiver icon which shows up in multiple places in the CRM. The web messenger will launch and the connection will be made.

Built-in telephony

You can call anywhere in the world as soon as you start your Bitrix24 cloud instance. No settings, no configuration, and in fact there is even ‘test money’ in your account. This feature lets you call practically any phone number in the world.

  • Just open Bitrix24, dial a number on the dialpad and click “Call”
  • Call straight from your browser or from the Bitrix24 Desktop App
  • Don’t worry about getting IP-telephony equipment for each employee
  • Make and receive phone calls from your smartphone (Android, iOS)

Calling from Bitrix24 is secure. The digitalization, transfer, and protection of the signal are all included in the telephony solution. If you’d like to learn more, please watch this webinar recording.


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