Anti-spam and Anti-virus Email Gateway

Anti-spam and Anti-virus Email Gateway

Crestline Cloud Email Security

Managed cloud security anti-spam and anti-virus for all your emails

Industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus email protection

Crestline IT Services delivers costs effective email security to small and medium businesses (SMB) using the latest and industry’s best anti-spam and anti-virus technology. Spam and virus signatures are monitored and adjusted 24×7 to ensure only clean messages are delivered to your email server.

Reduced Resource Usage

With Crestline Cloud Email Security the email gateway delivers only the emails you want to your servers. This saves on your Internet bandwidth, on-premise anti-spam processing and licenses. In many cases we see customer resource usage drop by 40-60% on servers with mail security. This extends the life of your server and saves money in the long term.

Reliable Email Delivery

We understand that your email server may not always be up 24×7, due to maintenance or environmental outages. Crestline Cloud Email Security will automatically queue incoming emails until your server is back up and running. No more lost emails!

How does it work?

The configuration process is fast and simple. Your email server will be protected in less than half an hour! Once your MX records are updated, enjoy only receiving business related emails. Emails will then flow to Crestline Cloud Email Security for filtering and then only deliver to your email server clean sanitized emails.


Providing IT solutions is our business. Creating customer peace of mind is our passion. Crestline IT Services has been providing complete, worry-free computing and networking to small and medium businesses for over 30 years. Our success is built on more than quality.
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