Today, there are more than 67 million users of Microsoft Windows and now windows 10 is making its place in the world of information and technology. In addition to being the newest edition of the windows, it is also providing its customers a privilege of secured windows. The most amazing feature of windows 10 is that it automatically updates to keep the system more safe and secure.

Microsoft windows 10 is the cohesive package including the good bits of windows 7 and 8. Whatever lacked in the previous version of Windows has now been covered in this ultimate edition. It provides a vastly improved version and vision for the future of computing.


Windows 10 has a bunch of new fantastic features including:

  • A fast new internet explorer known as Edge
  • Microsoft virtual assistant, Cortana
  • Streaming of live games from X-box in another room
  • Straight forward action center
  • Guards your browser history
  • Collects plenty of personal information like your nick name, location and credit card number
  • Type notes directly on web pages.


Beside this, there are amazing security features offered by Microsoft in Windows10 that has made the system safer and secure.


The Windows 10’s new Passport feature is in sync with the theme of password liberation that lets the users in authenticating network sans passwords, websites and applications.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a password-killer feature that has been advertised by Microsoft, which uses biometrics — your fingerprint, iris or face, iris for launching Windows 10 devices instead of those vulnerable and pesky passwords.

Device Guard

Device Guard is another noticeable feature that meant at blocking zero-day attacks. This feature works by examining applications that try to access a Windows10 network and the machine. Basically, it blocks any applications that are not signed by particular the Windows app store, software vendors and an enterprise itself.