Here are some tips that can help you with the maintenance of Windows Systems for SMBS:

  • Make Sure to Defragment Your Hard Drives:

A fragmented drive not only drains your resources, but also negatively affects the performance of your computer systems. Most companies that defragment their drives on a regular basis do not need to upgrade their systems as often as the companies that don’t. So, be sure to defragment your drives. You can do this using third party software or the one that comes built-in with Windows.

  • Remove Junk and Unused Applications

There is a lot of non-essential data stored on your computer, most of which you might not even be aware of. For example, when you visit the Web Pages in Internet Explorer, it stores copies of the pages, media and images for faster viewing later. Moreover, there are cookies, your internet history and temporary files, scattered throughout your system.

Over time, this can lead to problems in the performance of your computer, causing Windows to become unreliable and sluggish. You can combat this problem easily by using a freeware utility for system cleaning, optimization and privacy.

  • Scan for Malware:

Malware is the worst thing that slows down the computer. Be sure to use Windows Defender or any other anti-malware software to keep malware out of your system.

  • Monitor Your Network:

Make sure that all the devices on your network are recognized by you. There are various network management software that you can use for this purpose. You can manage the activity of your entire network by using these management software.

  • Do not forget to Reboot:

Most people resort to hibernation feature instead of turning off their systems. This doesn’t allow your RAM and other devices to completely refresh. So, be sure to turn it off regularly.

If you like us to automate all this for your business, check out managed IT services.