Updating data and backing it up, both processes are as important as creating it in the first place. Most of the times, company records are gone, when data is lost. Beside this, it also affects the company’s reputation. Companies with less than 250 employees are at an increased risk for this and that’s where cloud backup is required. It not only saves your data and your client’s confidential information, but it also keeps your business afloat. A recent survey shows that due to data loss, around 43% of companies stop down immediately, 51% of the companies went down the drain in 2 years whereas only 6% survived the loss. Following are the reasons why there is a need of cloud data backup and how it can benefit you.

Stolen/lost computer:

Sometimes we leave the computer unattended and when we come back it’s gone. And so is the important information in it. You can always buy a new computer, but there is no way to retrieve the useful information. If the computer is on cloud backup, you can easily recover all the data in a few clicks in, no matter what system you use.

Damage to the computer:

Sometimes due to over usage, mishaps or accidents, computers are damaged. The intensity of the damage can be so high sometimes that the computer cannot be recovered and it has to be replaced with a new one. If you back up the data in a cloud, this would give you immense peace of mind.

Virus/malware attack:

Viruses usually affect the operating system and also damage the data. Even after installing different antivirus software in the PC, once the data is gone, it becomes very difficult to retrieve it. Moreover, the process of data retrieval is also very expensive. So instead of spending so much money, you can just back it up on a cloud so that you can get back all the data wherever and however you want.

This clearly explains that the cloud backup will not only save you money, reputation, time, energy, but will also save you from loads of stress and your business from going down the drain.