There is a never ending production of tremendous sets of data from all around the world. Every second data is being processed at a very high rate. The increasing volumes of data have to be substantially stored. Today’s monopoly cannot risk the loss of data analysis at any cost. To ease the storage of the huge volume of data with fastest access intelligence, Google Cloud Platform, a service for everyone to service applications and websites, Google Cloud Nearline Storage was inaugurated.


In March 2015 Google Cloud Platform rolled out the service of Google Cloud Nearline Storage. Recently, it has been set to “GA” i.e. general availability status, free of ambiguities and bugs and stated reliable. Talking about the world’s first cheapest cloud storage for immense volume of data, Google Cloud Storage Nearline is a phenomenal storage service which provides exceptional services with its unthinkable features. One can backup to the cloud and access the unlimited valuable sets of information at a low cost and in a speedy way.

Unparalleled Services and Execution

  • Quick Completion: Nearline makes the data available in ~3 second.
  • Affordable pricing: It charges only pennies per GB for the stored data.
  • Guaranteed Security: The controlling access is granular which helps in creating protected data configuration.
  • Integral: There is a complete access to the whole of other Google Cloud Storage services.
  • Trouble free execution: The handling of the service interface is very simple and similar to other Google Cloud Storage services.

Comparison with Pseudo Competitor -Amazon Glacier’s Service

The pricing of the Google’s new cloud storage service is less than that of the Amazon’s Glacier service. The exclusive bunches of data can be dumped and retrieved faster and at lower cost in Google Cloud Nearline Storage instead of Amazon Glacier.

With respect to the incredible performance, Google Cloud Nearline Storage is a much better and reliable storage service to be used. Contact us for a free assessment for managed backup services.